Product Spotlight: Enhancv

Any variation on the product management interview is bound to have some variation of the following:

Name a product you like, tell me what you like about it, and tell me what you would change about it.

To speak to that, I want to do the occasional ‘Product Spotlight’, picking out some of the products I stumble on and writing about them. First up is Enhancv: a clean, dead-simple modular resume building app.


Enhancv uses a freemium subscription model with increased customization options when you upgrade. You can tie it to your LinkedIn or Facebook account and it will automatically pull some basic information into the resume depending on which you choose; or you can opt to create a standalone login.

Let’s start with the likes:

  • For starters, I like the concept. Whenever it’s time to update my resume, I spend ridiculous amounts of time fiddling with the formatting and appearance, trying to create something as slick as what Enhancv produced in about twenty minutes. I also like that the modules forced me to pay attention to space and be more careful in my content choices.
  • Very intuitive interface; once inside the app, I couldn’t help myself but click the boxes to begin editing and switch out the dummy text with your own content. Formatting options are all in the left sidebar and the ‘$’ icon made it clear which I could use and which would require an upgrade.
  • All the while you are editing, the app provides hints and examples (e.g. ‘Here’s an example of a great summary’).
  • Change the layout between one column and two; rearrange the sections any way you wish.
  • Great customization ability even in the free version – two basic fonts, multiple color schemes, over a dozen section ‘types’ that act like widgets on the page unconventional section types (Books, Passions, ‘Day in the Life’ pie chart).
  • I don’t even mind the logo at the bottom and probably wouldn’t remove it even if I upgraded to Premium.

What I would change:

  • When I tie it to my Facebook account in order to change the picture (it gives you an option to upload a photo or use Facebook), it would be cool to be able to go through my Facebook photos and pick one – not just use my current profile pic.
  • I would love a way to host this resume live and tweet or share a short-link or link to it from my website without doing the legwork to do it myself with Google Drive. E.g. under the ‘Download’ button, simply a ‘Publish’ button. Perhaps a premium feature.
  • In the Settings menu, I stumbled upon ‘Tracking Settings’, with a little checkbox next to ‘Don’t anonymously track me for product improvement purposes.’ Of course as a product person I know why they do this and I’m happy to participate in the analytics, but I wonder if this will come across a little less ‘big brother’ as an opt-in message during sign-up rather than as a hidden opt-out.
  • Since people aren’t necessarily updating their resumes constantly (unless you’re me), I wonder how effective the subscription model for this? Would a ‘per-document’ fee be another option?

At any rate, take a look at what I came up with and be sure to check out Enhancv for yourself.

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